School information

T&Y Japanese Language School’s Vision: Improvement

  1. 01Academic improvement

    Several of the teachers at T&Y Japanese Language School are Kanji (Chinese characters) scholars, and with our unique teaching method and materials, we aim to help students learn Kanji in a fun way.

    Our school considers the training of basic Japanese skills to be the first and most important issue. Focusing on the acquisition of communication skills, we strive to help students acquire listening skills and improve conversation skills through a communication-based curriculum.

  2. 02Test score improvement

    T&The predecessor of T&Y Japanese Language School is Yoshinsha, a private tutoring school. Based on the abundant experience gained at Yoshinsha and our school, we provide guidance for students taking Japanese language exams, including JLPT, EJU and BJT, to help our students pass the exams with higher scores.

  3. 03Cultural improvement

    Understand and acquire Japanese traditions and customs through a variety of hands-on learning experiences.

    There are many traditional Japanese art pieces, books, etc., in the school building that you are free to touch.

  4. 04Career improvement

    The expertise in educational and employment advancement guidance cultivated by our predecessor, Yoshinsha, is incorporated into the curriculum, and we fully support the advancement of students to schools of higher learning and employment at Japanese companies.

    Our school provides guidance to students with a strong desire to find employment in Japan, and with the support of TOA, our parent company, and others, we will do our best to contribute to a bright future for students.